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Since our inception, on demand deliveries have been the bread and butter of our business. Call anytime, day or night and get an immediate response. We’ll deliver your package from anywhere within 100 miles of the Washington area to anywhere within 500 miles of the US.

In addition, we offer the following specialized services:

Apostille Service – State Department Authentications and Foreign Embassy Authentications Get same day service completed as quickly as possible for the lowest price possible. Simply overnight your documents and checks for docuemtn processing to our offices in Bethesda, MD and they will be dropped off at the State Department before 9 am the next day and will be sent back to you that day. If your documents need to be authenticated by a foreign government’s Washington Embassy, we can do that as well. We’ll take your authenticated documents directly to the Embassy from the State Department and then get them back to you immediately. We charge a fraction of what the competition charges because we go to the State Department every day.

Congressional Line Standing Just because you want a front row seat for that critical bill mark-up or appropriations committee meeting doesn’t mean you or your clients need to lose any sleep. Our professional line-standers will hold your spot for a few hours or a couple of days, whatever you require. In addition, we monitor both the hearing schedules and the length of lines on Capitol Hill and will often call you if we know that a critical hearing is imminent.

Press Releases and Congressional Distributions before mailing out that next large multiple delivery, check with QMS. If your items are going out via Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS, QMS can often complete the job faster and for a better price.

Process Service We have a DC Notary Public on staff. All our couriers are trained in performing valid service. Call for a rate quote.

Court filings, Bid Proposals At QMS, we have been completing work on deadline for 15 years. We know when all local courthouses close and are familiar with after hours filing procedures at those courts which provide for it. Many of our deliveries have hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on them. While we can’t be responsible for damages or losses due to consequential delay, we take all deadline deliveries dead serious. Whether you need to file an envelope or a 24 foot truckload, QMS has the experience. If it can be done, we’ll get it done.

Large and/or Distant Deliveries – Our contractors drive everything from motorcycles to pickup-trucks to cube vans. We also have access to straight trucks up to 24 feet in length so that we can handle deliveries of up to 5 tons. We can quote special prices for deliveries going anywhere within 800 miles of Washington. To get a quote, call Michael at 240-223-2245 ext 222 or email Sales

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