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Courier – Quick Messenger Service is always looking for either experienced professional couriers or other highly-motivated intelligent men and women who need to earn at least five or six hundred dollars a week. All couriers work under non-exclusive independent contracts that allow them to determine which hours they are available and what type of work they wish to take on.

Line Stander – QMS needs reliable persons who can go for periods of time without sleep to work as line-standers on Capitol Hill. Line standers secure places at hearings for our customers who can’t afford to miss critical hearings and committee markups on important legislation.

Inside Telemarketer or Outside Sales Representative – Although we have almost 2000 active customers, we are always working to get the word out about our professional reliable services. If you would like to spend your workdays detailing the advantages of a dynamic, leading-edge company, and then asking prospective customers to use us, this could be the right job for you.

Assistant Operations Manager We are currently looking for an individual with at least one year relevant same day delivery management experience to assist in coordinating the activities of both our courier fleet and the inside office staff.

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